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First class products and service is of premier importance to Aichi in every aerial lift we produce and sell - Evansville

A properly trained scissor lift operator is crucial in effectively and safely operating this heavy machinery. For the best and largest aerial lift products in the industry, we provide a wide product line of bucket trucks and hydraulic lifts. Our qualified maintenance service shop is recommended for both minor and major repairs. Extremely mobile electric lifts allow our customers to operate in even the tightest of warehouses or construction sites.

Discounts apply to large Aichi aerial equipment rental packages - Indiana

As an example Aichi boom lifts, for lifting and transporting workers and equipment alike, come in virtually every size and specification available. Electric lifts that we offer have advantages over fuel burning equipment, including less emissions and quieter working environments. The parts you utilize for a scissor lift can make all the difference in operation as well as environmental friendliness. We can instantly give you a free estimate on your next project, just request a quote or call us right now.

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Prolift Scissor Lift & Aerial Equipment of Evansville
5500 Foundation Blvd.
Evansville, IN 47725
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