Your Guide to Boom Lifts & Trucks by Aichi

Crawler Boom Lift- A Special Utility Tool

Aichi has a great variety of boom lifts in the United States. These machines have been thoroughly tested and designed for uneven terrain and allow a clearance of 18 inches and a grade-ability of 60 percent.

The compact, three stage boom standards on all Aichi boom lift models are outfitted with a harsh surroundings package that features boots on the cylinders, wipers on the boom sections, and fortification on bearing and pivots points.

  • They are fully compatible for work in construction and maintenance in the most extreme conditions while offering a wider range for work, exceptional maneuverability, and precise and smooth operations.
  • They allow for further climbing power at challenging work-sites by offering 60% grade-ability.
  • The 9-foot extended basket is features a self-leveling system while in its full range of motion and has a deep swivel angel for increased maneuverability without needing to change the position the boom.
  • The Aichi track system permits the lift to function over very low floor pressure and allows the machine to move on soft surfaces that are limited to wheeled machines.
  • Crawler boom lift models feature a platform ranging in elevations of 45, 55 & 65 feet and are obtainable with optional accessories such as an articulating jib.
  • The boom models that feature the articulating jib make available for an extra 6 feet of vertical or horizontal extension and a an extended working angle for increased versatility.
  • The triple-speed drive system featuring high rate, torque, and turtle modes bring to you outstanding performance and efficiency on any surface and environment.

Wheeled Boom Lifts

Aichi's wheeled boom lifts includes characteristics such as a proportional control system for precise and smooth arrangement of the aerial lift. The distinctive triple-stage boom structure typical on all of Aichi's wheel boom lifts permit for the most compressed stowing arrangement available. This allows the worker to have a better working range from the stowed position without having to move or relocate the boom lift. The reduced stowed length also it easier to park the machine and can lessen transportation expenditures as both a scissor lift and boom lift machine can fit inside an average sized trailer.

Aichi boom lifts are outfitted with boots on the cylinders, wipers located on the boom, and fortification on bearing and pivots points to help it cope with harsher environments and the elements.

  • The exclusive triple-stage boom structure, standardized on all wheeled boom lifts, permit for the industry's smallest stowed position.
  • Aichi's wheel boom lifts bring to you a wider range for work, exceptional maneuverability, and precise and smooth operations.
  • They feature simplified parking and can reduce the cost of moving the lift as both a scissor lift and boom lift can fit on an average sized trailer.
  • The wheel boom lifts include a detachable cartridge and hosing system for trouble-free repairs of boom cables and hoses.
  • The articulating jib boom models make available for an extra 6 feet of vertical or horizontal extension and a extended working angle for increased versatility.
  • Available models highlight a boom height of 40' and a 46' jib outfitted model. All boom lifts feature a resilient Yanmar power train system and 9 ft or available 7 ft long baskets with 450 lbs to 575 lbs volume limits.
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Aerial Lift Safety

There are many dangers when operating aerial lift equipment. Almost 50% of the fatalities involve boom-supported lifts, such as bucket trucks and cherry pickers. To ensure that you and your employees are safe you should always check the emergency systems and fall-protection gear of your equipment.

To Consider Before Buying

Weigh the benefits of purchasing a new cherry picker or man lift versus a used one. New ones can cost you more initially but make up for the cost in maintenance savings. Conversely, properly serviced used lifts can have just as much longevity as a new machine but cost significantly less.

Ensure that your prospective lift has not been modified in any way other than suggested by the manufacturer.

Check service records to ensure all recommended services have been met. This can seriously increase the useable life of a machine.

Importance of Training

Only operators who have received professional instructions regarding the inspection and application of an aerial lift should be allowed to operate one. Classes and training seminars are available locally so ensure that you or your employees utilize them to stay informed of the latest operational and safety methods.